Putin’s “favorite philosopher” is a big fan of Trump — Quartz

The Russian president and the president-elect of the United States are on remarkably good terms, given the two countries’ lingering resentments since the Cold War. If this relationship causes unease for those with concerns about hacking, dictatorial control, or human rights, understanding the philosopher nicknamed “Putin’s Brain” will only deepen this sense of alarm. Political…

via Putin’s “favorite philosopher” is a big fan of Trump — Quartz


Whatever Happened to Shame?

“Judge not lest you be judged.” Also, “Judgement is mine, saith the Lord of Hosts.” In our modern age of 24-hour force fed mass media, it should be evident to everyone that anyone subjected to the withering spotlight of public attention, like an ant beneath a magnifying glass on a sunny day, is going to get burned. If you want a civil society, you have to allow flawed people into the public square. People get led around too much by the broadcast thoughts and focus of others. Take the ring out of your own nose, and think for yourself. What I mean by that is, develop a critical faculty that critiques the mass media, not the occasional focus of that megaphone media’s occasional “scandal.” In the age of Twitter, Facebook and other empowered Individuality as well as Community, we cannot concede either the Public Square or the Internet to Corporate, Government or Party Power Politics. In this particular case, it is obvious to me that the Democratic Party is working behind the scenes – not out in the open town square, mind you – to sink the candidacy and destroy the reputation of Anthony Weiner. Have we seen this happen before? Presidential Candidate John Edwards comes to mind. But then, so do Ed Muskie, Mike Dukakis, and many, many others. I have listened to Anthony Weiner on C-SPAN and I have enjoyed and agreed with him on many issues of importance in our day.

Myth and Its Dangers

I just read an article elsewhere about how Republican political myths and party ideology blind a current U.S. Senator for Alaska to the realities of life where people hunt for communal meat to survive. In the case of Democrats and Gary Hart, they are blind to their own myths of a pernicious Feminist and faux Minority party ideology that might gain them votes and fool voters, but ruin the culture and soil the politics of America today. Try enjoying Columbus Day for a change, Gary Hart Democrats.
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